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I have a 1300C. I bought the bike because I like the sport styling of the bike. I am interested in getting a windshield but I do not want some big ugly thing. I am looking for something small that will still maintain the sport look.

Any suggestions?
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Scar, what size cut out 7" or 9"?
Also what is buffeting?
I am thinking on getting the POP TOP it looks good and after what you wrote will sute me fine. I like air flow in the summer but not the bugs.
Thanks Arizona and Scar for all your help. I will order one today.
Toadman your shield looks awsome. Cant wait till mine comes in.

BigT, your a right about the bugs. Come the end of June those june bugs are out by the thousands. Will need windshield to keep those bugs out of my shirts and teeth.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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