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I have a 1300C. I bought the bike because I like the sport styling of the bike. I am interested in getting a windshield but I do not want some big ugly thing. I am looking for something small that will still maintain the sport look.

Any suggestions?
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Lots of options out there; look at the Memphis Shades line, they have a great product with excellent customer service (not only initial sales, but folllow-up service if necessary as well). Some that come to mind that are slimmer and sportier are the Pop Top and Alley Cat shields. Just make sure you at least consider the correct height (they have measurement guidelines on their website based on your height/sitting position) or go buy a local bike shop and use one of their "measuring shields." Sometimes if you get the wrong height, it can create a lot of head buffeting at higher speeds for people.
That's Right On!

Green Ghost said:
Alley Cat, Hell Cat, Shooter, Ect. make nice shields, but the fork mounted shields offer good looks with a soild mounting point. And if you ever want more protection you could go to the fats and use the same mounting kit. Plastic and plates is all that would be required. GG :D
+1 GG, excellent points as always.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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