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I have a 1300C. I bought the bike because I like the sport styling of the bike. I am interested in getting a windshield but I do not want some big ugly thing. I am looking for something small that will still maintain the sport look.

Any suggestions?
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unique feature of the windvest

If you look at the windvest profile, you will notice a "reverse curve" at the top lip of the windshield. That curve is what displaces the airflow up higher than normal over the rider's head. That curve in the windshield may be equivilent to 2" - 4" of additional shield height on a straight shield.

I HAD a boat with a "flybridge" and the same concept was applied but in a more extreme format. A full reverse (45 degree up and away) wind deflector at waist height actually diverted the wind over the driver's head. Amazingly simple principle.

Not sure why the other shield mfrs. don't apply the windvest concept other than the concern for image distortion when viewing through the shield at the top rim.
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