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I read many posts on options for wiring new circuits but I still need some reassurance before I screw something up.

I am adding a Reckless Fairing with a Sony Radio and Stage One Rockford Fosgate amp. I am concerned with power consumption and proper way to wire this system not as to ruin the new stereo, amp and existing electrical system. I know just about enough about electronics to be dangerous.;)

Here is my current electrical items connected:

Under the right side cover, a Power Distribution Center wired HOT to the positive battery post protected with a fuse (20A I think).

Under the left side cover, a ground distribution block connected to the negative battery post.

A Steble air horn wired to the PDC via a relay controlled by the stock horn button. Only works with key on.

A set of Kuryakyn Silver Bullet 20W driving lights connected to the PDC supported by a relay and a off/on switch. Only works with key on.

Two small sets of Lizzard LED lights connected via off/on switch directly to the PDC - NO RELAY. Works with key on or off.

Now I need to add power to the fairing electronics. There are three wires to connect - One positive (hot), one positive (switched) and one negative (ground).

Here are my questions:

Not to put too much of a draw on the system, I am planning to connect to the PDC via a relay so that the the radio will only will come on with the key in the on position. I plan to connect the switched hot and the ground wire from the radio via a relay to appropriate ground and PDC terminals (what size fuse would you recommend? Reckless sent a 15Amp) The hot lead from the radio will be connect directly to the PDC in order to keep memory set on the radio.
Does this sound like the proper way to connect? Also, I guess I would use the switched/trigger wire from the headlight can. Given the info above (sorry it is a bit confusing) what are the proper connections to the relay?

ANY info provided would be greatly appreciated.


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Sounds just right.. I used a 4 wire trailer pig tail and wire set myself.. That way if you need to take the fairing off you can pull the pig tail connector apart and not have to cut wires... It gives you the 3 wires you need to run from the radio wire harness back to their respective end points... good luck
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