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Woolaroc, OK.

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This was the 1st time I've been there and wish I had found it sooner. It made a great impression on me and the museum is loaded with rare & beautiful art. More history and western & Indian exhibits, tools, rugs, clothes, weapons, statues, paintings, artifacts, guns, & antiques that it seems you have traveled back in time.

Took a trip there 9-22-8 and had a terrific trip. I can't say enough about this great museum but it was awesome and the few hours we spent there went by too fast. The museum sits on a preserve which holds all kinds of exotic and native wildlife.

Warning in advance to eat something to hold you over because when the hunger pains attach you might have to cut short your visit as we did.

Went to Bartlesville and ate at Murphys Steakhouse & had their famous open-faced burger with a mountain of fries piled on top covered with gravy. After some wonderful desert of coconut pie we were ready to hit the road back to T town.

Also if you travel from Tulsa and want some great winding roads with marvelous scenery take Hwy. 75 N. toward Skiatook then left on Hwy 20. From there go just over 4 miles & turn right at the 1st light onto Hwy. 11 heading North about 19 miles to Hwy. 123 & go right (East) 7 mi. to Woolaroc. Those winding roads are on Hwy 11 so have fun on your way there.
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I grew up in Coffeyville. I took my kids back to Woolaroc about 5 years ago. A little west of there was real wild horses on the south side of the road. Did you watch the video with the surronding screens? Did you see the firearms collection? I could go on and on.......
If you like history, both places are worth a stop. Some people don't realize there is so much stuff down stairs at Woolaroc. I remember going to JM Davis when I was 4 years old for the first time. The Punt gun seemed like it was about 3 times bigger then me. I have been to both a few times. One of my brothers really good friends has worked at JM for about 15 years.

Has anyone been to the 45th Infantry Musuem in Oklahoma City? It is supposed to have a really good collection well. I only live about 10 miles from there and never been. I think I will go in a couple of weeks. It is only closed like two days of the year.

SDA, there is some neat back roads between you and Woolaroc, not to mention Copan lake. Nothing extra, but nice.
Most of that stuff was baught when it was cheap, before they were antiques. A lot of stuff was donated as well.
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