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so i had decided to do a few things to my baby and wow what a difference it made. It feels like i have a new bike....

For the Looks
Arlen Ness tear drop Mirrors
kury side mount bracket...
slim line LED run,turn,brake light (so now the fender is nice and clean)
207 multi colored LED kit from joe florida...

For the Ride
Progressive 430 11.5 rear shocks
Progressive front lowering kit
Metz ME 880 18070/15 for the rear
Metz ME880 110/90H/19 for the front (of course dynabeads)

I have NO regrets at all... Thanks to ALL the questions answered when i had them that kinda pointed me where to go for everything.... This site is awsome....:cheers:

Now its time to RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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can we get a pic of the new led's ?? I really hate how so many bikes have a taillight on em that looks like it came from a 50's chevy LOL..

btw love that color !!!!

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Ive heard that a time or... lets see... how many carbs am I up to... 36? Yessah... Ive heard that a time or thirty-six.. :D

Good to hear man! Ya gotta make it your own... if you don't, it will be just like the others out there.

Now, if I could just get Zomby to do a mural of my Grateful Dead Bike with a hippie chick.. like in his Sig Pic.. :D


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