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Would any vtx1300 riders in the PHX/ Mesa/ Valley please ride my bike??!!

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Hello everyone.I should start by saying I'm 77 years old and have been riding since 16, Owned many bikes including Triumph, Honda and Harley. So....I'm used to vibration. so....I'm in Mesa and bought an 06 VTX1300 just last week from RideNow Peoria. I have never ridden this type of bike before. Here's my problem..After reading several reviews I was convinced that this bike would have a "mild" kind of vibration because of the V Twin.
I didn't have a chance to test ride the bike 'cause it wasn't ready to ride until I was ready to buy. Anyway.....on the way home at 65-75 mph this bike, (to me), feels like the engine is trying to exit the frame. If I had a tach I could tell you the RPM when it ANY gear at ANY this particular RPM range the vibration is horrible! Pull in the clutch....totally goes's dependent on the RPM.

I'm asking if SOMEone in the PHX area would ride my bike around the block or whatever to either agree with me that it's a bad problem vibration....or....."it's just normal V twin vibes".
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That's what the head man at the Honda dealership in Scottsdale said. He's gonna ride it Monday. Either RideNow Peoria will help me with this or I'll have to sell it. They took in the trade with a bad motor & I'm probably stuck. Maybe not. Who knows.
70 mph is the really bad spot. Yes. It's definately in the engine. Pull in clutch....smooth as silk. From what I've heard from several people..this is what the vtx1300c does. Like it Or sell it. Still, I've ordered the oem seat and working on rubber-mounting the bars.
Jesus! Yes! Any gear. I spend most of my time at 70....well, I AVOID 70 now!
If there were a tach on the bike I would be happy to say at what RPM it happens in any gear at any speed. It's RPM dependant. Period
Yes. But not as badly as when under a load.
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I want to thank everyone for the input. Here's what, to me, is the last word. Took bike to a mech who"s ridden "over 100 vtx's". He rode it on tge freeway, too. He gave the bike the score of 10 out if 10. Upon further digging I put my hand on the engine @ 70 mph and only felt a buzz. However..when the throttle is opened up the "vibration" is really pronounced. I've determined there is very little unbalance vibration. What I'm feeling is power-stroke vibration. Now I'm trying different fuels to see which would more likely "push" rather than "hammer" the pistons. Thanks to everyone. (I'm done with this) !
Once I install the speedohealer I'll be riding past the worst of it. (At 80 I'm actually doing 70). So a real 75 is past most of it.
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