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Hi all, this is a question for those of you with Xtreme Rev Fairings. Word has it there is a low profile weather radio cover that will work on these fairings. I know a couple of people are looking.

If anyone can provide a name or link or manufacture it would be greatly appreciated. I am finally in the process of working on my fairing (from last year :banghead:)

I plan on doing the internal rain shield but if I can find a cover that works on the XR fairing, it really opens up the choices in head units.

For those without XR fairings, unfortunately the common type/style weather doors/covers will not fit an XR. (I bought 3 different ones, so I know:rolleyes:).

J and I have and will be riding in heavy downpours so I will need the protection.

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Jeff.....I've tried to order one from them for over a week. No one returns a call. I've given up on them.

However, the thread on the OA has breathed new life into this project. Not sure how permanent the silicone will hold it, but I wouldn't mind if I had to re-do it once a season. Like you, we ride often and sometimes, though I know it's hard to believe, we get caught in the rain :(

I'll be sure to post pics and the process, whether it's a success or not.

BTW - got the other peg yesterday. Lisa is very happy. you da man :mosh:
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